Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The pregnancy test!

Ok, so this post isn't what you think. I'm not talking about the test you buy  from the drugstore to test if your pregnant or not. This test is something I've heard about from a friend of mine. Its a test you perform on your boyf at the time to test if he really loves you and cares about you as much as he lets on.
The process:
Step one) tell your boyf with a serious face that you are in fact pregnant.
Step two) watch his reaction- it doesn't matter if he looks like a ghost and goes blank for a few seconds... thats normal, but if he starts accusing you of cheating or not being careful enough then hunny kick him to the curb. If he hugs you with joy and thankfulness PUT A RING ON IT! he is a rare one, a unicorn of the dating world.
Step 3) Either explain immediately that it was just a test and that he failed(or freak him out and say your going to take it to court and then later explain hahahah); or if he passed then wait a bit and say it was just a false alarm.

Keep in mind that this method of checking your man's reliability may not be for everyone. Im sure many would think that it is cruel, and some may think that it is too much to risk for no reason. I for one have never experienced the need to perform this, because I am forever and always aloooooone!!!! hahahaha
But to all you taken ladies (who are in a sexually active relationship) feel free to give it a try.

Relationship Status - Forever alone!

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