Tuesday, 27 August 2013


 Tears start streaming down her cheeks, she says I deserve to be with him. He treats me the way I deserve to be treated, worthless. She stands in the mirror baring all and pulls out a marker. F-A-T is written across her stomach, loser marked on her forehead. Need to be skinnier across her thighs, too small across her chest. Then she stares at her face and defaces it with the marker and thinks ugly. It has almost been two years since they last spoke. She hates him because he did her wrong. But if this is true why is she always thinking about him? Why must she remember all the good memories they had? The sweet kisses to the warm hugs she missed him so very much. But he abused her physically and emotionally so how is any of this right? She doesn’t want to keep on taking him back because she knows its wrong. She tried dating but feared to much to let herself love again. He did her wrong, now she may never love again. She is waiting for that prince in shining armor. She fears he will never come. The boy she tried to date screwed her over in the first week. He then realized the mistake he had made and tried everything to get her back. She sat in the corner clueless with what to do. She likes this boy, he likes her. He is telling her he wont treat her like the other guy and that he is sorry and wont screw her around. But her wounds are too deep, She has heard all this before and look where it got her. But because of the way she feels about herself she wants him back, she believes that’s how she should be treated. She only says no to please others show them that she is strong, but secretly she hides and weeps trying to cut away the pain.  
Relationship Status- forever fucking alone

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bad news...

So as you all know, I have not been on for a while. I have recently found out that I have Endometriosis... its a problem that deals with your menstrual cycle, and cant be fixed. At first it was a bit of a shock, especially considering I'm leaving for Switzerland this Friday... YES! I'm moving countries. Very exciting, I know... but there is so much work and then finding out I am more than likely infertile haaaaaa... what can I say. But I promise as soon as I am settled in Switzerland, there will be so many stories to tell hahaha.
Relationship Status - Feeling clucky all of a sudden!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The "Bestfriend"

Best friends are amazing!! They are always there for you through thick and thin, put up with your craziness and love you no matter what!!! But what happens when your friend turn foeYour best friend is always there for you in time of need. A shoulder to cry on , someone to tell all your problems  but what happens when your best friend is the problem?  You can always talk to your mum but it is not the same as a best friend, your best friend shares the same opinion and feels the same way. Because you know her so well you know you cant tell her how you feel about her because you know she will start crying and then BAM it's bloody world war III  who is there to turn to when your best friend turns foe? 
Relationship status - on the prowl

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Nice guy???

Is there such thing as a nice guy? Or am I just looking in the wrong places? With the luck I've had I seem to end up with guys that don't treat me right...Do nice guys still exist?? 

Relationship Status- very lonely  

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Love, sex and a good fuck.

I'm sure everyone has had this question before. I know I have. But what is the difference between making love, having sex or ... Pardon my French ... Fucking?
They technically are all the same act right, so why are there different expressions / descriptions of the act. 
So I got some inside from a few friends who have well experienced all categories. The difference between making love and the other two expressions are quite obvious, but the difference between sex and fucking is a lot more complicated to figure out.
So to fuck someone apparently means sex with all feelings detached. For example, a one night stand... Pure pleasure with no emotional attachments. But I thought making love was the version with all the emotion and feelings behind it, so that means that statement I made earlier about it being obvious what the difference between making love and having sex is... Is not so true anymore.
Eventually I personally came to the conclusion that..
Making love = feelings and emotion and caring for one another during the act.
Sex = no emotional attachment or feelings ... Except for the ones down stairs hahaha.
And fucking = sex but far more wild and hard core.

But for fucking to really be good... The guy needs to know what he is doing. Considering the point is for the two parties to experience equal pleasure, the guy needs to make it so ( which FYI guys, isn't easy... You may think you are getting her there but most of the time your not).

So to all my little ones, go out there fuck, make love, have sex or anything els that trickles your fancy... I just thought it was about time we clarified. Xx Peaches.

Relationship Status - Single in Switzerland 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Battle of the bodies!

Okay so lets cut straight to the chase and not beat around the bushes. We all think we're FAT!!!! If we're not skinny that means we are obese...hmmm that doesn't sound quite right but that's only because of today's society. In order to be considered 'skinny' you need to have a thigh gap?? A very tiny waist?? And a stick like figure?? What happened to being curvy women, like Marilyn Monroe? She is the worlds biggest sex icon and her thighs touch, she wasn't a stick either.... Body Image is the number one struggle with the female sex these days. (boys have body image issues too but I'm not talking about them) Girls look at magazines and think why can't I look like that? Im so fat and ugly. Then they look at their friends and think why am I soooo fat?  They look in the mirror and compare everything possible and just put themselves down. I'm pretty sure 99% of girls do this I think I could even say I can guarantee that. Even I (Sky) when I go to the beach get low self esteem because I see all these girls in bikinis who are 'skinny' and according to society in return makes me an elephant compared to them.  Sometimes it feels as if no matter how healthy you eat or how much you exercise, it goes nowhere....There are many categories I guess you could say when it comes to body Image but I think what is affecting society most is weight and an everyday battle for many teens, who feel that, unless they fit society's image, they will miss out on everything possible.

Relationship Status- single and ready to mingle.... AGAIN

Experation date-ing !!!

I love the moment your eyes make contact with him, after you have been staring at him for at least 15 minutes thinking about how gorgeous he is.  Buuuut then you realize your on a holiday and that it would be pointless to pursue him because you know that it would have an expiration date. What's a girl to do?  Are we meant to let these amazing guys fall through our fingers just  because we know it will shortly come to an end? Is there such thing as expiration date-ing?  And if so,  is it OK or frowned upon?

These are question especially important to me because I am moving countries for a year and can't get into a relationship for obvious reasons. I know when it will end. But it sucks to know that I could meet a great guy,  who is super cute, but have to let him go because we couldn't get serious. is it bad to fool around with a guy even though you know it can't turn into anything?

Relationship Status - why do I come with an expiration date?