Tuesday, 27 August 2013


 Tears start streaming down her cheeks, she says I deserve to be with him. He treats me the way I deserve to be treated, worthless. She stands in the mirror baring all and pulls out a marker. F-A-T is written across her stomach, loser marked on her forehead. Need to be skinnier across her thighs, too small across her chest. Then she stares at her face and defaces it with the marker and thinks ugly. It has almost been two years since they last spoke. She hates him because he did her wrong. But if this is true why is she always thinking about him? Why must she remember all the good memories they had? The sweet kisses to the warm hugs she missed him so very much. But he abused her physically and emotionally so how is any of this right? She doesn’t want to keep on taking him back because she knows its wrong. She tried dating but feared to much to let herself love again. He did her wrong, now she may never love again. She is waiting for that prince in shining armor. She fears he will never come. The boy she tried to date screwed her over in the first week. He then realized the mistake he had made and tried everything to get her back. She sat in the corner clueless with what to do. She likes this boy, he likes her. He is telling her he wont treat her like the other guy and that he is sorry and wont screw her around. But her wounds are too deep, She has heard all this before and look where it got her. But because of the way she feels about herself she wants him back, she believes that’s how she should be treated. She only says no to please others show them that she is strong, but secretly she hides and weeps trying to cut away the pain.  
Relationship Status- forever fucking alone

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