Sunday, 14 July 2013

The "Bestfriend"

Best friends are amazing!! They are always there for you through thick and thin, put up with your craziness and love you no matter what!!! But what happens when your friend turn foeYour best friend is always there for you in time of need. A shoulder to cry on , someone to tell all your problems  but what happens when your best friend is the problem?  You can always talk to your mum but it is not the same as a best friend, your best friend shares the same opinion and feels the same way. Because you know her so well you know you cant tell her how you feel about her because you know she will start crying and then BAM it's bloody world war III  who is there to turn to when your best friend turns foe? 
Relationship status - on the prowl

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Nice guy???

Is there such thing as a nice guy? Or am I just looking in the wrong places? With the luck I've had I seem to end up with guys that don't treat me right...Do nice guys still exist?? 

Relationship Status- very lonely  

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Love, sex and a good fuck.

I'm sure everyone has had this question before. I know I have. But what is the difference between making love, having sex or ... Pardon my French ... Fucking?
They technically are all the same act right, so why are there different expressions / descriptions of the act. 
So I got some inside from a few friends who have well experienced all categories. The difference between making love and the other two expressions are quite obvious, but the difference between sex and fucking is a lot more complicated to figure out.
So to fuck someone apparently means sex with all feelings detached. For example, a one night stand... Pure pleasure with no emotional attachments. But I thought making love was the version with all the emotion and feelings behind it, so that means that statement I made earlier about it being obvious what the difference between making love and having sex is... Is not so true anymore.
Eventually I personally came to the conclusion that..
Making love = feelings and emotion and caring for one another during the act.
Sex = no emotional attachment or feelings ... Except for the ones down stairs hahaha.
And fucking = sex but far more wild and hard core.

But for fucking to really be good... The guy needs to know what he is doing. Considering the point is for the two parties to experience equal pleasure, the guy needs to make it so ( which FYI guys, isn't easy... You may think you are getting her there but most of the time your not).

So to all my little ones, go out there fuck, make love, have sex or anything els that trickles your fancy... I just thought it was about time we clarified. Xx Peaches.

Relationship Status - Single in Switzerland