Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Battle of the bodies!

Okay so lets cut straight to the chase and not beat around the bushes. We all think we're FAT!!!! If we're not skinny that means we are obese...hmmm that doesn't sound quite right but that's only because of today's society. In order to be considered 'skinny' you need to have a thigh gap?? A very tiny waist?? And a stick like figure?? What happened to being curvy women, like Marilyn Monroe? She is the worlds biggest sex icon and her thighs touch, she wasn't a stick either.... Body Image is the number one struggle with the female sex these days. (boys have body image issues too but I'm not talking about them) Girls look at magazines and think why can't I look like that? Im so fat and ugly. Then they look at their friends and think why am I soooo fat?  They look in the mirror and compare everything possible and just put themselves down. I'm pretty sure 99% of girls do this I think I could even say I can guarantee that. Even I (Sky) when I go to the beach get low self esteem because I see all these girls in bikinis who are 'skinny' and according to society in return makes me an elephant compared to them.  Sometimes it feels as if no matter how healthy you eat or how much you exercise, it goes nowhere....There are many categories I guess you could say when it comes to body Image but I think what is affecting society most is weight and an everyday battle for many teens, who feel that, unless they fit society's image, they will miss out on everything possible.

Relationship Status- single and ready to mingle.... AGAIN

Experation date-ing !!!

I love the moment your eyes make contact with him, after you have been staring at him for at least 15 minutes thinking about how gorgeous he is.  Buuuut then you realize your on a holiday and that it would be pointless to pursue him because you know that it would have an expiration date. What's a girl to do?  Are we meant to let these amazing guys fall through our fingers just  because we know it will shortly come to an end? Is there such thing as expiration date-ing?  And if so,  is it OK or frowned upon?

These are question especially important to me because I am moving countries for a year and can't get into a relationship for obvious reasons. I know when it will end. But it sucks to know that I could meet a great guy,  who is super cute, but have to let him go because we couldn't get serious. is it bad to fool around with a guy even though you know it can't turn into anything?

Relationship Status - why do I come with an expiration date?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The carrie diaries 2nd season !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I'm sure many of you would know that The Carrie Diaries has been approved for a second season, and some of you may have noticed that Sky and I(Peaches) are very big supporters of the show.... you may have noticed our suggested shows/movies/books/youtube clips down the right hand side of our blog(only seen on the computer version of our site not the mobile). Anywho... as I was saying, TCD have been approved for their second season and Sky and I are uber excited. But after researching what might be included in the second season, I found that a lot of people wanted to get rid of Carrie's home town characters like her sister, dad, and two besties(one of which is not so best anymore). But I personally would love to see how her sister's and Mouse's newly found relationships pan out. Although I wouldn't really care if they got rid of the rest (other than walt of course considering he moves to the city with her). Another thing I wanted to talk about was the introduction of the original characters. Being a big fan and avid viewer of the original SATC, it was kind of painful to find out that they were introducing Samantha Jones into the show before they introduced Miranda(Carrie's oldest friend out of the four power women of Manhattan). Anyone who watched the original SATC would understand the devastation I felt upon hearing the news. Ok ok, its probably dramatising it a bit too much by saying it like that, I don't mind too much that Samantha is the first to be introduced along with Stanford (which we all heard about in the season finale of season 1). The more prominent reason I am upset with the situation, is probably the worry that the writer of the new prequel series to SATC (although a great idea that was long overdue) obviously didn't do much homework on the original SATC, which is a bit silly considering she was writing a prequel to it. It gives me great distress to know that there could be many aspects of the upcoming series that I will not agree with, and could in turn ruin my viewing experience. Although this is so, I still can't wait what will happen in season 2, especially now I have become so attached to the characters and plot. Cant wait and hope all you loveliez are equally as excited - or are inspired to watch the first season if you haven't yet, cause its GREAT hahaha

Relationship Status - Single and addicted to TCD hahaha

Really?! 18, I mean REALLY!!

Ok, first off I would like to apologize for the lack of blogging Sky and I have been doing. But now, on to the topic of today's rant hahaha. Vibratores and dildoes. I know many would look down on me for even saying this out loud but, c'mon, Girls from the age of 13 and some even younger have actually started masturbating. Personally I think that is actually  bit too you... I was probs 14, but we need to stop pretending that it doesn't exist. So my reason for this rant is because I have recently been in the market for a ... vibratore, but unfortunately you have to be 18+ to get one from your local store(and I can't just have it sent to me cause that would be really awkward if mum were the one to get it and not me hahahaha). This leads me to my question, why do you have to be 18+ to buy a sex toy... lowering the age restriction would probs lower the teen pregnancy rate, considering my old viby could do things no guy ever could (btw.. still a virgin). And I'm sure many of you are wondering why I am having troubles getting a new one if I have gotten one before, the answer to that is... an old friend gave me my broken one, but she moved away. Not to mention I am moving country and want something a little more discreet to take with me. But seriously, can you believe that you are legally allowed to have sex before your legally allowed to buy a sex toy. Where is the logic in that? WHERE?!!!!!
wfeeeef.. now that's off my chest... anybody got any suggestions for how to get one, on the slyyyyyy ahahha?

Relationship Status - Craving the viby

Sunday, 16 June 2013


So I am not to sure as to what my relationship status is. It's up in the air at the  moment. First this guy I'm head over heels for asks me out, then decides after a week to break it off BY TEXT!!. Then he tells me it was because people were shit talking to his face about our relationship. He calls and apologies and wants to get back together. I'm sooooo confused and said I need time to think, as in the past I've heard it all before only to be hurt worse every time. Is he telling the truth and being genuine or is it all BULLSHIT like the rest??? I don't know,  I'm hell lost!!!! but we have made a time to discuss everything so hopefully it goes well.....

Relationship Status - Who the fuck knows!!!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Its just too tight!

Ok, so this might sound unusual to many girls out there..... but I kind of just want to get my *cough cough*
virginity out of the way so that when I do finally get into a relationship that is sexually active, I'll know what I'm doing. You know, to keep the awkward stuff out of the way of a promising relationship. Buuuuut unfortunately im ... aaaaaaaaaa..... just way too... well... TIGHT!  Yes I said it, I divulged a secret that a girl just isn't supposed to tell on the world wide web for all to see. After freaking out a little about how this is going to be soooo inconvenient I decided to do some real life research, and for all those who don't understand what that means, I'm saying instead of the usual ask google approach I asked REAl PEOPLE! which might be new to many people ( of the 21st century ) for a girl to be doing. Anyway, back on topic. I asked a few guys what that will mean for me (making sure it was all hypothetical in their eye's of course). And the verdict was very unhelpful. Apparently guys just aren't as caring and genuine as all us girls hoped; or so it seemed. The guys that i asked all seemed to say the same thing. The answers were always one of the following:
1)Do all the other stuff then, at least the guy will still have fun.(real nice huh? well it gets better)
2)Work through the pain hunny, its not that f**king hard, give the guy some fun.(think it gets better from here? think again)
3)Stretch yourself out,even if it tears, at least it will get the job done for the poor bastard.

These were only a few of many chauvinistic and inconsiderate responses that I actually got back. So you can see what I mean when I say that they aren't as good as they lead on, boys, are they? So it makes a girl think, is there such thing as a serious and caring, loving relationship; or is it just another guy high on testosterone with the hopes of getting some from an innocent girl looking for love, and a guy to give it to her. Those perfect relationship you see on movies or tv seem like a myth at the moment. Please!!!! somebody prove me wrong to put me out of this misery that I am now facing after losing all trust in the male gender. 

Relationship Status - Unintentionally celibate(yet slightly intentional)  

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Facebook official!

All my friends say its not official unless its facebook official. You see although all my friends say its not official yet because its not facebook official, my guy and I don't see it that way. We have talked and come to the decision that it is not needed to prove our dating. Or is it? Have we as a society of young people come to the point that if your in a serious relationship you need to shout it out to the whole world on FACEBOOK! I just don't understand what the big deal is.

Relationship Status - Taken

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The pregnancy test!

Ok, so this post isn't what you think. I'm not talking about the test you buy  from the drugstore to test if your pregnant or not. This test is something I've heard about from a friend of mine. Its a test you perform on your boyf at the time to test if he really loves you and cares about you as much as he lets on.
The process:
Step one) tell your boyf with a serious face that you are in fact pregnant.
Step two) watch his reaction- it doesn't matter if he looks like a ghost and goes blank for a few seconds... thats normal, but if he starts accusing you of cheating or not being careful enough then hunny kick him to the curb. If he hugs you with joy and thankfulness PUT A RING ON IT! he is a rare one, a unicorn of the dating world.
Step 3) Either explain immediately that it was just a test and that he failed(or freak him out and say your going to take it to court and then later explain hahahah); or if he passed then wait a bit and say it was just a false alarm.

Keep in mind that this method of checking your man's reliability may not be for everyone. Im sure many would think that it is cruel, and some may think that it is too much to risk for no reason. I for one have never experienced the need to perform this, because I am forever and always aloooooone!!!! hahahaha
But to all you taken ladies (who are in a sexually active relationship) feel free to give it a try.

Relationship Status - Forever alone!

Awkward Start

Over a year and half later, I’m back in the dating ring. I was speaking with my friends yesterday and you know how sometimes when you first start dating someone it’s kind of awkward?? Does anyone else go through the awkward stage or is it just me??? One of my friends understood what I was saying, but my question is why? You’re all cool before hand the only thing that has changed is the title of the relationship. It shouldn’t be awkward should it? Or maybe it’ just me, maybe I’m doing something wrong that I need to fix??
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my peachy Peaches!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

Relationship Status - Taken

The joys of being a woman!

If there is one thing that all us girls will agree with, and thats that being a 'woman' sucks big time. we need to go through those "monthly visits" that makes us feel like someone is trying to pull out our insides through our asses, and we have to deal with the uncontrollable itching our vagina goes through after shaving, we are the ones who have to worry about getting knocked up and etc. I think that they should make a day just for the female population to recognise the shit we go through not only because we have to (ie. periods), but just generally to look pretty(ie. waxing in all sorts of places hot wax just shouldn't go, high heels etc). And women's day doesn't count because people don't count us teenages as women(which is stupid considering we go through all the same negative stuff). Im just saying, because I love you guys and think we all deserve some recognition. So to all you girls out there, this is me formally recognising all your efforts to being a girl.

Relationship Status - Single

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Be You!

Sky here, If it's one thing I have learnt it is that NEVER change for a boy. It doesn't matter how you look, what your weight is or how much make up you put on. The right guy will love you for what's inside. Don't get caught up in the hype of today's society, and put yourself down because you don't look like those cover models. YOU ARE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! You want people to fall in love with you and not who you are trying to be. 

Relationship Status - Taken <3

Beware the lipstick!

Well hello again my little darlings, Peaches here. As you can see this post is more of a warning based around a recent and funny anecdote. That big mistake that we all have or will make at least once in our lives, forgetting to check the pockets of your pants or dress or uniform for that ye'faithful liftick that has served us so well over time. Unfortunately last night this mistake came to rise. Not only had my favorite lipstick gone through the was but it ended up going through the drier as well, just to be sure that it would definitely melt all over my family's and my clothes. So make sure you check those pockets ladies hahaha. But just to get serious for a second, after this happened I started to think AGAIN(I really do think way to  much). This trusty lipstick of mine ruined my favorite pants, and is the perfect analogy to describe men in a relationship.
They can seem like a bucket of roses, he will act like the man who will do anything for you but you really need to check your pockets hunny and make sure he doesn't destroy your favorite pants. Is he really going to stand the tests of the relationship, in fact is there a test you can perform on your man to be sure that he is ye'old faithful or if he will destroy your pants.

Relationship Status - Single

Saturday, 8 June 2013

The one.. does he even exist?

On Sky's last post she received a comment back from an anonymous viewer, that spoke about finding the one. It made me think... a lot! hahaha. Where is this allusive one that the whole(straight) female population are waiting for? Infact does he even exist?
I have seen my friends all talk about their relationship endeavours and they all have different and equally as annoying problems... just like me. I started to feel like the search for the perfect man (for me anyway) was completely pointless. Some are too lazy, others are to floozy, most are inconsiderate and the rest have strange and different problems. Lets face it girls we're screwed, we have grown up with high expectations of our future partner, and I blame most of the disney cartoons for it. We have been told that one day we can all find a man who will fight evil for us, show compassion to us when we're upset, and be so in love with us that they would rather die and sacrifice themselves instead of seeing us merely experience pain. But this guy doesn't exist, I have come to realize that no matter how hard we look or wait we will never be able to find a guy with any of these attributes. Ladies if you don't have good boobs or a nice ass, if you're too skinny or too big, if you're too loose or too frigid then I'm sorry but there is, like, no chance. There is literally three females to every male in the world, and its every women for her self. So if there is any man out there close enough to perfect that whoever he ends up with wont have anything to complain about to her friends then trust me he is with that girl that we (the average girl) hate, the girl who is perfectly proportioned and generally gorgeous because that is the top factor for a girlfriend on every guy's list. Sorry to be so harsh but I only do it with love... and if anyone actually has the perfect man then please send me a message and a photo and i will send you back an award(if your not a fucking supermodel).

Relationship Status - Single and fed up with it!

First Love....

What was I to do with love? I loved him so much that there were no words to describe my feelings for him. He hurt me once, then again and the third time became to much. I decided to break it off, we were not a good match. Arguing, jealously and name calling. He said he was sorry but yet hurt me time and time again. He lost my trust, the one person I was head over heels for only upset me time and time again. I may say that I do not have feelings for him any more, but that is just my brave face. Second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour all I do is think about him. How could he do this to me? Make me have to make such a decision, as to wether our relationship was worth it or not. I lay in bed sobbing little sobs over how much I miss him. All the memories we shared, I will not forget but simply cherish. The way we hugged or the way his fingers were always entangled with mine. He gave me butterflies by saying hi. When I see him talk to other girls, I start to get jealous and wish he was still all mine. I regret not kissing him like there was no tomorrow, I still search for the feeling of his soft lips against mine. It made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 
>First love was hard something ill never forget but my real question was will I learn to love again????

The unspeakable questions... To ask or not to ask?

I'm sure at least some of you out there know what I'm talking about. Those questions that seem to eat away at you because your worried that they could mean something more, something people would think you weird for even wondering about in the first place. Well even if I'm weird for asking I'm going to do it anyway.

They say you loose weight from having sex right, so is it the same for (cough cough) DIY jobs hahaha what part of sex is the calorie burner?

Thats just one of many questions that I have rolling around in my head from day to day and if you have any questions that you have ever been to embarrassed to ask ... feel free to ask them here (remember you can stay anonymous).

Relationship Status - Still single

Friday, 7 June 2013

My night started out pretty bad to be honest it was boring as shit!! There was nothing to do Peaches and myself were very bored....correction that's actually an understatement!! But my night had a happy ending....a certain someone walked me home that night and well.....my status was changed.

Relationship Status - Taken
Aaaaarg that bonfire was horrible. So Sky and I(Peaches) went to a bonfire last night where both our love interests were meant to be. But yet again mine was not there.... not to mention the tide came in ... ten minutes after we got there which means the fire got put out. Between the boys trying to make a new fire , a few twelvy girls being awkward in the corner and most of the people there being people that Sky and I don't know, we were bored out of our brains.... well at least I was. There is like nothing fun to do at this age when you go out with people to things like this.... please tell me what do you do at the age of sixteen for fun???

Relationship Status - Still single

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Here's the deal Peaches and myself (Sky) are going out tonight. Both our love interests will be there. Unfortunately they both only want one thing and that is something they won't get. It seems that all guys are like this now days... is it us as girls ... maybe we are at an age where the guys are just too boyish for us and we want real men or are the boys being greedy, now that they are discovering the mmmmmm... joys of puberty they want to get as much of it as they can .... if you know what I mean.

Christening the blog with our first post, aaaaah what a feeling. Jeeze, where to begin… well how about we catch you up on our love lives so far…
I am Sky and it’s as if I have a deep black void that needs to be filled, but it can only be fixed by that special someone. My problem is learning to love again, I’ve been through so much hurt and pain that I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Last night I was shuffling my healing cards when two fell out. The universe was trying to tell me something , The meanings of the two cards meant that the guy I was falling for was the wrong one and to ensure my happy ending I need to stay away from him. But its haaaaaard, because my feelings aready run too deep for him to be cut off so simply.
Hellllooooo, Peaches here… well my love life is something to laugh at that’s for sure. The only relationship I have ever been in literally lasted for two days and that was in grade seven. Ever since then I have only ever been a one night stand(don’t worry I don’t mean sex)which really sucks, doesn’t it. Don’t get me wrong they were veeeeery attractive and fun for the night but I can’t keep on just having one guy for one night… I am ready for a relationship and always wonder why I’m not in one if attractive guys (and I do mean attractive) want to be with me for a night, why don’t they want to ever be in a relationship , is it my personality???
As you can see we have a lot to discover about love and shit, but let’s just take it one day at a time… together. But now we need to say good day to you, because we have a party to get ready for ;)

Relationship Status – Still single