Saturday, 8 June 2013

The one.. does he even exist?

On Sky's last post she received a comment back from an anonymous viewer, that spoke about finding the one. It made me think... a lot! hahaha. Where is this allusive one that the whole(straight) female population are waiting for? Infact does he even exist?
I have seen my friends all talk about their relationship endeavours and they all have different and equally as annoying problems... just like me. I started to feel like the search for the perfect man (for me anyway) was completely pointless. Some are too lazy, others are to floozy, most are inconsiderate and the rest have strange and different problems. Lets face it girls we're screwed, we have grown up with high expectations of our future partner, and I blame most of the disney cartoons for it. We have been told that one day we can all find a man who will fight evil for us, show compassion to us when we're upset, and be so in love with us that they would rather die and sacrifice themselves instead of seeing us merely experience pain. But this guy doesn't exist, I have come to realize that no matter how hard we look or wait we will never be able to find a guy with any of these attributes. Ladies if you don't have good boobs or a nice ass, if you're too skinny or too big, if you're too loose or too frigid then I'm sorry but there is, like, no chance. There is literally three females to every male in the world, and its every women for her self. So if there is any man out there close enough to perfect that whoever he ends up with wont have anything to complain about to her friends then trust me he is with that girl that we (the average girl) hate, the girl who is perfectly proportioned and generally gorgeous because that is the top factor for a girlfriend on every guy's list. Sorry to be so harsh but I only do it with love... and if anyone actually has the perfect man then please send me a message and a photo and i will send you back an award(if your not a fucking supermodel).

Relationship Status - Single and fed up with it!

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