Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The carrie diaries 2nd season !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I'm sure many of you would know that The Carrie Diaries has been approved for a second season, and some of you may have noticed that Sky and I(Peaches) are very big supporters of the show.... you may have noticed our suggested shows/movies/books/youtube clips down the right hand side of our blog(only seen on the computer version of our site not the mobile). Anywho... as I was saying, TCD have been approved for their second season and Sky and I are uber excited. But after researching what might be included in the second season, I found that a lot of people wanted to get rid of Carrie's home town characters like her sister, dad, and two besties(one of which is not so best anymore). But I personally would love to see how her sister's and Mouse's newly found relationships pan out. Although I wouldn't really care if they got rid of the rest (other than walt of course considering he moves to the city with her). Another thing I wanted to talk about was the introduction of the original characters. Being a big fan and avid viewer of the original SATC, it was kind of painful to find out that they were introducing Samantha Jones into the show before they introduced Miranda(Carrie's oldest friend out of the four power women of Manhattan). Anyone who watched the original SATC would understand the devastation I felt upon hearing the news. Ok ok, its probably dramatising it a bit too much by saying it like that, I don't mind too much that Samantha is the first to be introduced along with Stanford (which we all heard about in the season finale of season 1). The more prominent reason I am upset with the situation, is probably the worry that the writer of the new prequel series to SATC (although a great idea that was long overdue) obviously didn't do much homework on the original SATC, which is a bit silly considering she was writing a prequel to it. It gives me great distress to know that there could be many aspects of the upcoming series that I will not agree with, and could in turn ruin my viewing experience. Although this is so, I still can't wait what will happen in season 2, especially now I have become so attached to the characters and plot. Cant wait and hope all you loveliez are equally as excited - or are inspired to watch the first season if you haven't yet, cause its GREAT hahaha

Relationship Status - Single and addicted to TCD hahaha

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