Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The joys of being a woman!

If there is one thing that all us girls will agree with, and thats that being a 'woman' sucks big time. we need to go through those "monthly visits" that makes us feel like someone is trying to pull out our insides through our asses, and we have to deal with the uncontrollable itching our vagina goes through after shaving, we are the ones who have to worry about getting knocked up and etc. I think that they should make a day just for the female population to recognise the shit we go through not only because we have to (ie. periods), but just generally to look pretty(ie. waxing in all sorts of places hot wax just shouldn't go, high heels etc). And women's day doesn't count because people don't count us teenages as women(which is stupid considering we go through all the same negative stuff). Im just saying, because I love you guys and think we all deserve some recognition. So to all you girls out there, this is me formally recognising all your efforts to being a girl.

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