Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Really?! 18, I mean REALLY!!

Ok, first off I would like to apologize for the lack of blogging Sky and I have been doing. But now, on to the topic of today's rant hahaha. Vibratores and dildoes. I know many would look down on me for even saying this out loud but, c'mon, Girls from the age of 13 and some even younger have actually started masturbating. Personally I think that is actually  bit too you... I was probs 14, but we need to stop pretending that it doesn't exist. So my reason for this rant is because I have recently been in the market for a ... vibratore, but unfortunately you have to be 18+ to get one from your local store(and I can't just have it sent to me cause that would be really awkward if mum were the one to get it and not me hahahaha). This leads me to my question, why do you have to be 18+ to buy a sex toy... lowering the age restriction would probs lower the teen pregnancy rate, considering my old viby could do things no guy ever could (btw.. still a virgin). And I'm sure many of you are wondering why I am having troubles getting a new one if I have gotten one before, the answer to that is... an old friend gave me my broken one, but she moved away. Not to mention I am moving country and want something a little more discreet to take with me. But seriously, can you believe that you are legally allowed to have sex before your legally allowed to buy a sex toy. Where is the logic in that? WHERE?!!!!!
wfeeeef.. now that's off my chest... anybody got any suggestions for how to get one, on the slyyyyyy ahahha?

Relationship Status - Craving the viby

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