Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Battle of the bodies!

Okay so lets cut straight to the chase and not beat around the bushes. We all think we're FAT!!!! If we're not skinny that means we are obese...hmmm that doesn't sound quite right but that's only because of today's society. In order to be considered 'skinny' you need to have a thigh gap?? A very tiny waist?? And a stick like figure?? What happened to being curvy women, like Marilyn Monroe? She is the worlds biggest sex icon and her thighs touch, she wasn't a stick either.... Body Image is the number one struggle with the female sex these days. (boys have body image issues too but I'm not talking about them) Girls look at magazines and think why can't I look like that? Im so fat and ugly. Then they look at their friends and think why am I soooo fat?  They look in the mirror and compare everything possible and just put themselves down. I'm pretty sure 99% of girls do this I think I could even say I can guarantee that. Even I (Sky) when I go to the beach get low self esteem because I see all these girls in bikinis who are 'skinny' and according to society in return makes me an elephant compared to them.  Sometimes it feels as if no matter how healthy you eat or how much you exercise, it goes nowhere....There are many categories I guess you could say when it comes to body Image but I think what is affecting society most is weight and an everyday battle for many teens, who feel that, unless they fit society's image, they will miss out on everything possible.

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