Friday, 14 June 2013

Its just too tight!

Ok, so this might sound unusual to many girls out there..... but I kind of just want to get my *cough cough*
virginity out of the way so that when I do finally get into a relationship that is sexually active, I'll know what I'm doing. You know, to keep the awkward stuff out of the way of a promising relationship. Buuuuut unfortunately im ... aaaaaaaaaa..... just way too... well... TIGHT!  Yes I said it, I divulged a secret that a girl just isn't supposed to tell on the world wide web for all to see. After freaking out a little about how this is going to be soooo inconvenient I decided to do some real life research, and for all those who don't understand what that means, I'm saying instead of the usual ask google approach I asked REAl PEOPLE! which might be new to many people ( of the 21st century ) for a girl to be doing. Anyway, back on topic. I asked a few guys what that will mean for me (making sure it was all hypothetical in their eye's of course). And the verdict was very unhelpful. Apparently guys just aren't as caring and genuine as all us girls hoped; or so it seemed. The guys that i asked all seemed to say the same thing. The answers were always one of the following:
1)Do all the other stuff then, at least the guy will still have fun.(real nice huh? well it gets better)
2)Work through the pain hunny, its not that f**king hard, give the guy some fun.(think it gets better from here? think again)
3)Stretch yourself out,even if it tears, at least it will get the job done for the poor bastard.

These were only a few of many chauvinistic and inconsiderate responses that I actually got back. So you can see what I mean when I say that they aren't as good as they lead on, boys, are they? So it makes a girl think, is there such thing as a serious and caring, loving relationship; or is it just another guy high on testosterone with the hopes of getting some from an innocent girl looking for love, and a guy to give it to her. Those perfect relationship you see on movies or tv seem like a myth at the moment. Please!!!! somebody prove me wrong to put me out of this misery that I am now facing after losing all trust in the male gender. 

Relationship Status - Unintentionally celibate(yet slightly intentional)  

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  1. boys are such douches! why can't there be any nice guys? i certainly can't find any :/