Sunday, 9 June 2013

Beware the lipstick!

Well hello again my little darlings, Peaches here. As you can see this post is more of a warning based around a recent and funny anecdote. That big mistake that we all have or will make at least once in our lives, forgetting to check the pockets of your pants or dress or uniform for that ye'faithful liftick that has served us so well over time. Unfortunately last night this mistake came to rise. Not only had my favorite lipstick gone through the was but it ended up going through the drier as well, just to be sure that it would definitely melt all over my family's and my clothes. So make sure you check those pockets ladies hahaha. But just to get serious for a second, after this happened I started to think AGAIN(I really do think way to  much). This trusty lipstick of mine ruined my favorite pants, and is the perfect analogy to describe men in a relationship.
They can seem like a bucket of roses, he will act like the man who will do anything for you but you really need to check your pockets hunny and make sure he doesn't destroy your favorite pants. Is he really going to stand the tests of the relationship, in fact is there a test you can perform on your man to be sure that he is ye'old faithful or if he will destroy your pants.

Relationship Status - Single

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