Thursday, 6 June 2013

Christening the blog with our first post, aaaaah what a feeling. Jeeze, where to begin… well how about we catch you up on our love lives so far…
I am Sky and it’s as if I have a deep black void that needs to be filled, but it can only be fixed by that special someone. My problem is learning to love again, I’ve been through so much hurt and pain that I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Last night I was shuffling my healing cards when two fell out. The universe was trying to tell me something , The meanings of the two cards meant that the guy I was falling for was the wrong one and to ensure my happy ending I need to stay away from him. But its haaaaaard, because my feelings aready run too deep for him to be cut off so simply.
Hellllooooo, Peaches here… well my love life is something to laugh at that’s for sure. The only relationship I have ever been in literally lasted for two days and that was in grade seven. Ever since then I have only ever been a one night stand(don’t worry I don’t mean sex)which really sucks, doesn’t it. Don’t get me wrong they were veeeeery attractive and fun for the night but I can’t keep on just having one guy for one night… I am ready for a relationship and always wonder why I’m not in one if attractive guys (and I do mean attractive) want to be with me for a night, why don’t they want to ever be in a relationship , is it my personality???
As you can see we have a lot to discover about love and shit, but let’s just take it one day at a time… together. But now we need to say good day to you, because we have a party to get ready for ;)

Relationship Status – Still single


  1. I love your blog!!!

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  3. Cant wait to see more!!!

  4. I feel like a have a void at times...