Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Experation date-ing !!!

I love the moment your eyes make contact with him, after you have been staring at him for at least 15 minutes thinking about how gorgeous he is.  Buuuut then you realize your on a holiday and that it would be pointless to pursue him because you know that it would have an expiration date. What's a girl to do?  Are we meant to let these amazing guys fall through our fingers just  because we know it will shortly come to an end? Is there such thing as expiration date-ing?  And if so,  is it OK or frowned upon?

These are question especially important to me because I am moving countries for a year and can't get into a relationship for obvious reasons. I know when it will end. But it sucks to know that I could meet a great guy,  who is super cute, but have to let him go because we couldn't get serious. is it bad to fool around with a guy even though you know it can't turn into anything?

Relationship Status - why do I come with an expiration date?

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