Friday, 7 June 2013

Aaaaarg that bonfire was horrible. So Sky and I(Peaches) went to a bonfire last night where both our love interests were meant to be. But yet again mine was not there.... not to mention the tide came in ... ten minutes after we got there which means the fire got put out. Between the boys trying to make a new fire , a few twelvy girls being awkward in the corner and most of the people there being people that Sky and I don't know, we were bored out of our brains.... well at least I was. There is like nothing fun to do at this age when you go out with people to things like this.... please tell me what do you do at the age of sixteen for fun???

Relationship Status - Still single


  1. Maybe it was the group of people?? Because I know when my friends and I had one it was AWESOME!!! but then we had one with people we didn't hang out with and it SUCKED!!!!!

  2. People at my school are boring!!! They don't do anything all they do is study 24/7 and it sucks because no one has a life....

  3. well I'm pretty sure it was just the people... they are pretty boring... thanks for all the comments btw xx